RicaJonson Group

We are a conglomerate of several business tailored to offer services and products that cuts across several sphere

and personal necessities of today’s fast paced world



We are engaged in a broad range of business sectors

Logistics & Freight Services

Ricagroup has over ten years in the transportation industry, a member of ricagroup offers comprehensive road haulage service, and mass transit service.

Properties & Real Estate

Cheap and durable home is the dream of every Nigerian citizen. That’s why through one of our member company, we provide affordable homes for Nigerians.

Clearing & Forwarding

The movement of your produce can be a major challenge. That is why one of our member company has perfected the act of frieght and logistics, within and outside this country.

Insurance & Auctioneering Services

A member of the Ricagroup offers extensive Insurance brokage service.

Travel and Leisure

We take the lead in the provision of leisure and tour packages for families across Nigeria. With our vast network of partners and cities around the world

Oil and Gas

The petroleum industry in Nigeria is the largest on the African continent. Petroleum production and export play a dominant role in Nigeria’s economy.

Security & Safety Management

Swift Pacific Security ( a member of the ricagroup) provides excellent security services ranging from general security equipment to Home patrols and personal guard services


Exploring all avenue of Agricultural productivity so as to be in the Fore of Food Provision & Food Security in Nigeria, and beyond.


we are committed to Innovation and Technology that delivers demonstrable benefits to customers.


Our corporate vision is to reach more clients with the benefits of our technology & to provide opportunity for employees.